In the Shade: When a bag is tossed or knocked into a hole it’s said to be “in the shade”. When a player tosses or knocks all 4 bags of a frame into a hole(s) that’s referred to as “all in the shade“. The “shade” refers to underneath the board, out of the sun.

On the Beach: When a bag is on top of the board (not in a hole) it’s said to be “on the beach”. A bag that remains “on the beach” at the end of a frame is worth 1 point. The “beach” refers to on top of the board, in the sun. A bag “on the beach” is also referred to as Stranded, Crispy or On the Griddle.

Mess: When a bag is “on the beach” during a frame it may be referred to as Mess. Players will say “clean up your mess”, which means to knock the current bags on the board into a hole. Some players refer to Mess (bags on the board) as Sloppy.

5 Hole: The holes on the top left and top right of the board worth 5 points. Also known as Fives or Fivers.

Pancakes: When two or more bags are tossed or knocked into the same hole during a frame. Some players may specify Double Stack or Triple Stack depending on the number of bags that fall into the particular hole. Short Stack refers to 2 bags. Tall Stack refers to 3 bags. Full Stack refers to 4 bags.

Lumberjack (Lumberjack’s Breakfast):
When all 4 bags are tossed or knocked into either of the two 5 Holes (20 points).

Ghost / Ghost Bag: When a bag lands on the board above the 4 Hole and between the 5 Holes. The name Ghost has double meaning. It refers to the particular spot where the hole would be on an original cornhole board. Some players believe that the spirit of that hole lives on and every once in a while it gets lonely. The term Ghost also refers to the bag itself due to its futility. A bag in that particular spot is of very little value to a player as it usually cannot be knocked into another hole resulting in just 1 point. Many players take the approach that a Ghost or Ghost Bag “does not exist” as its of little to no significance in a frame.

Crispy Ghost / Crunchy Ghost: When the first toss of a frame results in a Ghost or a Ghost Bag. That bag will most likely remain “on the beach” for the entire frame baking in the sun. Players will sometimes just say Crispy or Crunchy referring to that bag.

Goggles: When a player tosses or knocks a bag into each of the Five Holes in one frame.

The Walk / Hand-Off: After a player tosses all 4 of their bags in a frame, they must Walk (to the board) to retrieve their bags and bring them back to their opponent. It’s 5 Hole etiquette for a player to stack the 4 bags neatly on top of each other before The Hand-Off, when one player transfers the bags to the other. While The Walk and Hand-Off are necessary simply to continue the game, they also play a vital role in setting the rhythm, tone and excitement of a match. Some players are known for their distinct Walk after a good and or bad frame. The Walk can be as enthusiastic, rousing, mellow, comical or taunting as a player desires. Many players however do not have a say in crafting their Walk, for some it is decided by raw, in the moment and uncontrollable emotion. Fans and spectators of the game are nearly as excited and entertained by a player’s Walk, as they are a player’s ability to sink 5 Holes. At times The Walk (or The Hand-Off) may be contentious. There have been instances where a player has been offended by or has felt disrespected by another player’s Walk or Hand-Off. They are certainly huge components to the mental and emotional aspect of the game and in a tight match could be a difference maker. Granted, while players are encouraged to have fun with The Walk and The Hand-Off, good sportsmanship is required when enjoying 5 Hole.

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