If you like cornhole you’ll love 5 Hole! It’s got the same specs as the boards you grew up with (24″ x 48″). 5 Hole is a great adaptation of the American classic and is a blast for both veteran and rookie tossers of all ages. As the saying goes, “more holes, more fun”.


• Place the front of the Five Hole board 27 feet away from the foul line (just like regular cornhole). The foul line is the front of the Pitcher’s Box which is 3′ wide x 4′ deep. When tossing a bag a player must have both feet inside the box and behind the foul line until the bag has landed.


• If a bag lands on the board it is 1 point

• If a bag lands or is knocked into a hole, it is worth the point value of that hole – 2, 3, 4 or 5 points

• If a bag lands or is knocked onto the ground it is 0 points

• If a bag hits the ground and then bounces onto the board, that bag is worth 0 points and should be taken off the playing surface before any other bags are thrown

• After a player tosses all 4 bags the point value of those bags, where they ended up, are added together for the frame total. For example: 5 + 3 + 3 + 1 = 12 points

• The highest possible frame score is 20 – all 4 bags into a 5 Hole (aka Lumberjack Breakfast)

• The lowest possible frame score is 0 – no bags on the board or in a hole


• The first player to 50 points exactly wins!

• To determine the order in the first frame, each player tosses one bag. The player with the bag closest to a 5 Hole goes first to start the game. If the players tie they should toss again until someone wins.

• Once play has begun, the player with the highest frame score always tosses first in the next frame. Each player tosses 4 consecutive bags per frame. Once a player tosses all 4 bags they walk to the board, retrieve the bags and bring them back to the next player.

• A player must hit 50 points exactly to win a game.

For example: If they have 47 points with one bag left, they must hit a 3 Hole with that bag to win. If they “bust” and get a 4 Hole or 5 Hole, that bag does not count, they remain at 47 points and the game continues.

• Best-of-3 or Best-of-5 games are recommended for a match.

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